Python for Kids 2 and LaTeX

30 Jul, 2022

For those who are interested, Python for Kids 2 has been completely rewritten as LaTeX (using No Starch's style); partially in text files, and partially in Overleaf:


Overleaf was great, particularly for the review process, but I have to say working in LaTeX is an order of magnitude better than using a Word Processor - especially when the files are backed by a git repo (which Overleaf provides) so tracking changes is easy (looking back at the history of changes in a file to see what I changed, is a big win).

Can't comment on how No Starch's editorial staff found working in Overleaf (because we haven't really discussed it), but for me it was all positive...

Announcing: Python for Kids 2nd Edition

29 Apr, 2022

The 2nd edition of Python for Kids is coming October 2022. What's new? Not an exhaustive list, but it has been completely refreshed for the latest version of Python, as well as being updated for the latest versions of Windows and Ubuntu. New Raspberry Pi instructions are there for those who want to use a Pi to start their coding efforts. There are new programming puzzles, updated examples, and a pretty major tidy up of the text in general.

It's spring cleaning, refurbishment and good old spit polish in book form!

If you, or someone you know, are looking to get started with programming, it's currently available from No Starch Press ( on preorder, for 25% off (make sure you use coupon code PREORDER when checking out).