Jason R Briggs

Python for Kids

Puzzle Number 2

Posted, 9 Dec 2012

Difficulty: medium - hard

A cryptogram is a piece of text with jumbled letters. One way of generating cryptograms is to use a wheel with two circles of letters (one circle of letters inside the other). You turn the inner circle a certain number of letters, and then match the real letter on the outer circle with the encrypted letter on the inner circle (you can see an example of a cryptograph wheel here).

You can also write a python program to encrypt and decrypt text. Try creating a program to decrypt the following cryptogram:

nyve r tcftb zj jkzcc ylexip zk xfvj srtb wfli jvtfeuj

If you think about the two circles of letters for a moment, this text was encrypting as if by turning the inner circle so that the outer letter 'a' lines up with 'j'.

Here's some code that might help you get started:

unencrypted_letters = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz '

You're probably going to use a few for-loops (see Chapter 6), and one more hint to get you started: remember that strings are like lists of characters (so you can access a single character in a list the same way you might access a single item in a list - see Chapter 3 in Python for Kids).

Update: The full solution can be found here.