Jason R Briggs

Python Installation on Older Macs


If you are...

  1. running an older version of Mac OS X (perhaps one no longer supported by Apple), and
  2. experience issues with IDLE hanging after you start it

...you may need to use a script to launch IDLE. Follow these steps to setup the script:

  1. Click the Spotlight icon (the small magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the screen)
  2. In the box that appears, enter Automator.
  3. Click the application that looks like a robot when it appears in the menu. It will either be in the section labeled Top Hit or in Applications.
  4. Once Automator starts, select the Application template:
  5. Click Choose to continue.
  6. In the list of actions, find Run Shell Script, and drag it to the empty panel on the right. You’ll see something like this:
  7. In the text box, you’ll see the word cat. Select the word and replace it with the following text (everything from open to -n): open -a "/Applications/Python 3.2/IDLE.app" --args -n
    (you may need to change the directory depending on the version of Python you installed).
  8. Select File>Save, and enter IDLE as the name.
  9. Select Desktop from the Where dialog, and then click Save.

When you double-click on this icon you should hopefully get a working version of IDLE.