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Python for Kids


"To err is human... to really foul things up requires a computer."

Well... except in these cases where it really was just a human causing the problem.

(NOTE: The errata for prints older than early 2015 can be found here)

Errata as of May 2020

The text on page 34 (Chapter Three) should read:

Writing [2:5] is the same as saying, "show the items from index position 2 up to (but not including) index position 5" — or in other words, items 3, 4, and 5.

(rather than "...items 2, 3 and 4")

Errata as of Sep 2018

The text on the bottom of Page 136 is no longer accurate (with later versions of Python3). It should now read:

The sys module contains system functions that you can use to control the Python interpreter itself. Here, we’ll look at how to use the exit function, stdin and stdout objects, and version variable.

Exiting Python with the exit function

The exit function is a way of stopping the Python interpreter (or stopping your program from running) - however, this doesn't actually work from the Shell (because it's specifically designed not to). If you enter the following code in the Shell, nothing will happen:

import sys
If you run the same code from the Python command line environment (see page 46 for instructions on how to start that) it will actually exit Python:


See this post for more information.

Errata as of Jan 2017

The example on Page 174 does not make it clear that the Tk widget is required for the code to work correctly, and (at least on Windows) that you need to explicitly import colorchooser. As a consequence, the code should read:

from tkinter import *
from tkinter import colorchooser
tk = Tk()

See this post for more information.

Errata as of April 2016

Chapter 1 - for installations on macOS - see this post for more information.