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12 Feb, 2023
21 Jan, 2023
18 Dec, 2022

Salting with Spark (spark, pyspark, window functions and salting)

21 Nov, 2022

Bing hasn't indexed my site for 6 months or so now, which means that DuckDuckGo doesn't show results from my site either. From what I've been able to tell, there's absolutely no way to fix it short of a response from Microsoft (there's certainly not enough information to figure it out from their web developer tools) - of course I never received a response. Google, for all their faults, at least works. DDG need to fix their data sourcing because Bing really is the worst search engine...

10 Nov, 2022

It would be brilliant if there was a REST-type service which supported the interactive parts of ActivityPub for static websites - my static generator could then interact with that to pull any new follower requests and update my inbox accordingly... the other option is I make my site slightly less static and build something myself... somewhat less enthusiastic about that idea though. [2/2]

10 Nov, 2022

I've managed to get my personal site searchable in Mastodon (mastodon.social/@[email protected]) but, annoyingly, posts are not viewable ("Older posts from other servers are not displayed"). Haven't figured out how to get that working - my guess is it will only work for a follower, but unfortunately because it's a static site, there's no way for potential followers to be added to my inbox. [1/2]

09 Nov, 2022
06 Aug, 2022
30 Jul, 2022

For those who are interested, Python for Kids 2 has been completely rewritten as LaTeX... Python for Kids 2 and LaTeX

30 Jul, 2022
29 Apr, 2022
22 Apr, 2022
16 Nov, 2021
04 Jul, 2021
19 Mar, 2021
20 Feb, 2021

The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook's Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia (via DaringFireball). Watched Ch4 News' biased coverage & BBC interviews with some idiotic UK politician, which just proved folk either don't get it, or have vested interests. I neither like nor use FB, but in this case they are right.

06 Feb, 2021
30 Jan, 2021
04 Oct, 2020

Tim Bray: I Hate My MacBook "if only it were faster. Is it possible I have a lemon?". I don't think it's a lemon. I left the Mac world a few years ago now and moved to Linux. My wife inherited my old MacBook Pro and what I've noticed is that it seems to have gotten slower and slower over time, in a way I haven't seen outside of the Apple ecosystem. I recollect the same issue with the MacBook Black I had before that. Personally I think it's a design flaw. If I temporarily release my paranoid inner conspiracy theorist, I'd say it was a purposeful design flaw... ٩(ʘ益ʘ)۶

My recommendation would be a Dell XPS running Ubuntu (or another flavour - although I didn't have such a straightforward experience when I tried to use Arch).

22 Aug, 2020

I think critics of Epic taking on Apple, arguing that Epic should be applying the same logic to consoles, are ignoring the fact that Apple's profit margins are significantly higher on iPhones than what Sony makes on a PS4 by comparison. Nintendo profits on the Switch seem to be higher than a PS4, but not significantly so. Console makers have more justification for higher fees. Not an Epic/Fortnite fanboy (at all) but the story is a lot more complicated than they're making out...

25 Jul, 2020
05 Jul, 2020
30 May, 2020
19 May, 2020
05 May, 2020

Ha! Re my previous post, I should've read the comments on the Register article:

Or, in the case of the British Government (and governments the world over): never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by arrogance and paternalism.

05 May, 2020

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal. Other than arrogance and stupidity, I don't know why the UK govt thinks they know better than the rest of the world. What am I saying... Brexit revisited... of course it's arrogance and stupidity.

03 May, 2020
15 Apr, 2020
13 Apr, 2020

Really nice review of Python for Kids on youtube here: youtu.be/9Ep4UmJ6EZI.

31 Mar, 2020

"My city, in a stroke of brilliance, reduced the number of different tram lines and their frequency. Everything to make sure the otherwise reduced number of people on the streets is as tightly packed in public transport as possible. Big brain move" mastodon.social/@Gargron/103917675895934592. @[email protected] Similar to what happened in London. Stupid is as stupid does...

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