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14 Sep, 2018

Having second thoughts about fixing my static generator code. Now wondering if it requires starting again... or something even more drastic...

13 Sep, 2018

iPhone Xs with 512GB of RAM: £1349. Samsung S9 with 64GB of RAM and a 400GB microSD card: £632. I mean, yes the iPhone X range look nice, but yikes!

12 Sep, 2018

@justindirose Are you using an RSI break reminder? I had RSI years ago & the only thing that worked 4 me was taking a break every 4-5 mins, with appropriate exercises. Over time it got to the point that I didn't need the reminder any more & (touch wood) haven't had any problems in some time

11 Sep, 2018

Is anyone else noticing there are periods (10+ hours) when micro.blog/discover doesn't refresh?

10 Sep, 2018

How can you tell winter (or at least autumn) is coming? Aragog's friends decide they like it better inside the house than out... 😦

10 Sep, 2018

One thing I couldn't find about Samsung Dex Pad, when I was researching whether to bother getting one, was if it works with ether-over-USB (there's no ethernet port on the latest version) Found one reference that it should work, so decided to risk it. Turns out, yes it does - I bought a TeckNet adapter and that's working fine. At least, I'm not getting the horrific wifi slowdown in the one patchy/dead dead spot in the house... coincidentally where I decided to put my desk 😞

09 Sep, 2018

@help Something weird I've noticed about micro.blog reading my external RSS feed -- it's reading the title, not the description, and titles should not contain markup according to the w3 validator. A few days ago it seemed to be correctly rendering links anyway, but today I notice that it's no longer working. Interestingly in my timeline I see posts where the links are rendering and where they aren't. Odd no?

09 Sep, 2018

Mastodon account deleted. Oooh... I've gone full indieweb...

08 Sep, 2018

So static-site micro-blogging from the commandline is working fine. Next on the todo list, fix the mess I've now made of the code (because of course there is no reason anyone would want more than one RSS feed on their site...), and then add a way to post entries from the web (because why would anyone want a web interface for a static site...)

07 Sep, 2018

Just testing if this post appears in micro.blog

07 Sep, 2018

Maybe micro.blog is the answer if mastodon isn't...

21 Aug, 2018

Nothing like a quick search for #deactiday on twitter...

... (search on the birdsite sucks btw) to re-affirm: wow there's a bunch of idiots there, and it was the right decision to deactivate.

17 Aug, 2018

So @wilw followed through ( #deactiday ) ...

...boom. Mind blown.

17 Aug, 2018

Well I followed thru. :-P #deactiday

30 Jul, 2018

Regarding this... https://mstdn.io/@jasonrbriggs/100464912999952990 ... just saw this article from last year: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017.... I repeat: idiot of epic proportion.

30 Jul, 2018

This is what a no-deal Brexit actually looks like: http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2018/07/2...

(basically Rees-Mogg, Johnson, and the other hard-liners are idiots of epic proportions)

30 Jul, 2018

RT @ProfBrianCox Simple, clear and to the point. A no deal brexit looks disastrous because it is disastrous. In political slogan terms, no-deal brexit means no-deal brexit. https://twitter.com/georgeeaton/status...

19 May, 2018

Pygame or App Development using Kivy or XCode: https://jasonrbriggs.com/u/obMdDtN

10 May, 2018

A question about tkinter update: https://jasonrbriggs.com/u/obMdB6i

26 Apr, 2018

theguardian.com/technology/2018/apr/26/facebook-chiefs... ...Schroepfer finally apologised: "I am sorry that journalists feel we are attempting to prevent the truth coming out." Erm... isn't that the definition of a non-apology? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-apol...

11 Apr, 2018

I might have disagreed with @TaikaWaititi 20 years ago (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/n... ). But then I saw the explicit (and implicit) racism directed at my wife because she looks Chinese (she's not). And I realised as a white male, I'm playing the game in easy mode...

01 Apr, 2018

So I totally would have watched more than one series of Downton Abbey if I'd realised the Star Wars connection...

star wars and downton

01 Apr, 2018
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