The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook's Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia (via DaringFireball). Watched Ch4 News' biased coverage & BBC interviews with some idiotic UK politician, which just proved folk either don't get it, or have vested interests. I neither like nor use FB, but in this case they are right.

Tim Bray: I Hate My MacBook "if only it were faster. Is it possible I have a lemon?". I don't think it's a lemon. I left the Mac world a few years ago now and moved to Linux. My wife inherited my old MacBook Pro and what I've noticed is that it seems to have gotten slower and slower over time, in a way I haven't seen outside of the Apple ecosystem. I recollect the same issue with the MacBook Black I had before that. Personally I think it's a design flaw. If I temporarily release my paranoid inner conspiracy theorist, I'd say it was a purposeful design flaw... ٩(ʘ益ʘ)۶

My recommendation would be a Dell XPS running Ubuntu (or another flavour - although I didn't have such a straightforward experience when I tried to use Arch).

I think critics of Epic taking on Apple, arguing that Epic should be applying the same logic to consoles, are ignoring the fact that Apple's profit margins are significantly higher on iPhones than what Sony makes on a PS4 by comparison. Nintendo profits on the Switch seem to be higher than a PS4, but not significantly so. Console makers have more justification for higher fees. Not an Epic/Fortnite fanboy (at all) but the story is a lot more complicated than they're making out...

Ha! Re my previous post, I should've read the comments on the Register article:

Or, in the case of the British Government (and governments the world over): never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by arrogance and paternalism.

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal. Other than arrogance and stupidity, I don't know why the UK govt thinks they know better than the rest of the world. What am I saying... Brexit revisited... of course it's arrogance and stupidity.

Really nice review of Python for Kids on youtube here:

"My city, in a stroke of brilliance, reduced the number of different tram lines and their frequency. Everything to make sure the otherwise reduced number of people on the streets is as tightly packed in public transport as possible. Big brain move" Similar to what happened in London. Stupid is as stupid does...

Singapore has an interesting alternative on using mobiles for tracking (which I previously posted about).

This is an interesting idea: mobile app for contact tracing can stop the epidemic. Privacy advocates might not like it, but given the Oxford group recommend the app wouldn't need to be compulsory, perhaps if enough people decide it's worth doing something to fight the virus rather than nothing...?

Python for Kids is a part of the Coding Starter Kit Humble Bundle.

Amazon. Pfft. Who's surprised by this?

Via Nat T's Four Short Links and Boing Boing, who saw this coming: "The End of Indie Web Browsers"? Answer: everyone

As per, is officially ending support for Python2 as of Jan. Surprisingly more effort than anticipated, but the PR for version 4.2.0 is finally prepped and ready to go: The changelog has more detail on what's being updated in addition to Py2 backwards-compability removal.

Python coverage reporting has been doing my head in for days. Methods with full coverage still showed the method signature line itself as uncovered. Lines which I know are covered (and can see the unittest working) still showed as red. Turns out I'd left an import of the module-under-test in place before starting coverage itself. Fix that and suddenly my code coverage goes from <50% to a more respectable 80%. Sometimes the solution to a problem is as simple as moving a line of code...

Been trying to get ipv6 working with docker for days with no luck. Everything I read (for example: seems to suggest it's simple, yet my containers still end up with ipv4 only. Finally found the problem between my keyboard and my chair - editing /etc/docker/daemon.json doesn't help if your docker daemon is running with --config-file=/var/snap/docker/423/config/daemon.json... 👴

These idiots have lost touch with reality frankly.

RT @AllBlacks Congratulations to @Springboks on winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Enjoy every moment. #RWC2019