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06 Jul, 2023

Twitter is threatening to sue Meta over Threads semafor.com/article/07/06/2023/twitter-is-threatening-to-sue-meta... 🍿

08 May, 2023
08 May, 2023

@billbennett Goldfish. Are they nutritious...? 😄 (replyto: mastodon.social/@[email protected]/110330536796892248)

07 May, 2023

Interesting change in my own behaviour, when I see Hacker News posts which link to twitter, I've stopped bothering to click... in fact, I now find them annoying. I wonder how many other folk feel the same level of apathy...

03 May, 2023

The second edition of Python for Kids is a part of the Python Humble Bundle - along with a bunch of other No Starch Python books. Pay what you want... but it's for charity (supporting the Python Software Foundation), so why not pay more than you want? ツ

02 May, 2023

@andOlga Thx. Good to know it's not just me then... (replyto: mastodon.social/@andOlga/110300644796824360)

02 May, 2023

Trying to answer my own question, (replyto: jasonrbriggs.com/micro/2023/05/02/195233.html) I've added language attributes to my json in the hope the Translate link goes away...

02 May, 2023

Another oddity about the Mastodon integration with my (mostly) static site - why am I seeing a translate link with every post? Assume I'm missing something in my metadata...?

01 May, 2023

@billbennett If anything like me, procrastinate until just about the week before it's due... and ignore months of reminders from HMRC... (replyto: mastodon.social/@[email protected]/110292469955548357)

01 May, 2023

Some annoyances with my Mastodon integration thus far: no green tick on my profile for my site, Mastodon doesn't seem to be updated with the latest info from my actor file, I've yet to setup any notifications for inbox deliveries (so a very manual process), I need to figure out a good way to handle replies... I'm sure there are others.

30 Apr, 2023

So I think I've managed to get microposts on my site federating to Mastodon. This post will prove it though... :-D

30 Apr, 2023

Mastodon and http sig (a post about trying to submit an Accept response to a Follow activity on Mastodon, with a static site)

28 Mar, 2023

Dear Interwebs. Please don't put articles like this (https://www.acc.org/About-ACC/Press-Releases/2023/02/22/21/35/Getting-Good-Sleep-Could-Add-Years-to-Your-Life) in my news feed after 2 days of crappy sleeping due to the daylight saving change, and an entirely too early wake up call to drop my wife off at work...

12 Feb, 2023
21 Jan, 2023
18 Dec, 2022

Salting with Spark (spark, pyspark, window functions and salting)

21 Nov, 2022

Bing hasn't indexed my site for 6 months or so now, which means that DuckDuckGo doesn't show results from my site either. From what I've been able to tell, there's absolutely no way to fix it short of a response from Microsoft (there's certainly not enough information to figure it out from their web developer tools) - of course I never received a response. Google, for all their faults, at least works. DDG need to fix their data sourcing because Bing really is the worst search engine...

10 Nov, 2022

It would be brilliant if there was a REST-type service which supported the interactive parts of ActivityPub for static websites - my static generator could then interact with that to pull any new follower requests and update my inbox accordingly... the other option is I make my site slightly less static and build something myself... somewhat less enthusiastic about that idea though. [2/2]

10 Nov, 2022

I've managed to get my personal site searchable in Mastodon (mastodon.social/@[email protected]) but, annoyingly, posts are not viewable ("Older posts from other servers are not displayed"). Haven't figured out how to get that working - my guess is it will only work for a follower, but unfortunately because it's a static site, there's no way for potential followers to be added to my inbox. [1/2]

09 Nov, 2022
06 Aug, 2022
30 Jul, 2022

For those who are interested, Python for Kids 2 has been completely rewritten as LaTeX... Python for Kids 2 and LaTeX

30 Jul, 2022
29 Apr, 2022
22 Apr, 2022
16 Nov, 2021
04 Jul, 2021
19 Mar, 2021
20 Feb, 2021

The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook's Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia (via DaringFireball). Watched Ch4 News' biased coverage & BBC interviews with some idiotic UK politician, which just proved folk either don't get it, or have vested interests. I neither like nor use FB, but in this case they are right.

06 Feb, 2021

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