Engineering... or programming?

13 Nov, 2012

Are Programmers Engineers?

Scratch the Kindle?

22 Oct, 2012

I had thought that, at some point, I would consider buying a Kindle. If this Boing Boing story proves to be true, I'm not so sure. Certainly, in a feature-by-feature comparison with the competitors, it's something to bear in mind...

Ref #1: Ref #2:

On iOS 6 Maps

23 Sep, 2012

iOS 6 map showing Bangkok streets One interesting thing I've noticed with the new Maps app in iOS 6 is that (unlike Google Maps) there's no longer an English translation for streets in Bangkok (or if there is I haven't found how to switch it on yet). I've tried searching for the common English spellings for some streets and it appears to work - but doesn't seem quite as accurate. And if you don't read Thai, when Maps isn't showing you the correct street, you won't be able to tell anyway. So, much as I like the look of Apple's efforts, I think what I really want is a native Google Maps app, with offline map storage...

Update: although it sounds like perhaps iOS Maps will be better for offline navigation anyway.


04 Aug, 2012

TRS-80 The TRS-80 is the computer that got me started (over 30 years ago). It's funny that even up till now, I hadn't realised that the "TRS" (pretty obviously) stood for Tandy Radio Shack.

Please Don't Call It Trash-80: A 35th Anniversary Salute to Radio Shack's TRS-80

Learning to code?

01 Jun, 2012

Back in 2006, author David Brin lamented the lack of a good way to get kids into programming (Brin's article was actually my impetus to start writing an e-book for teaching small humans to code): Why Johnny can't code.

Compare with the situation now...

John Naughton thinks kids should be taught to code in school. Given what is taught at the moment in UK schools for ICT, this isn't a bad idea: Why Kids Should Be Taught Code.

Dan Rowinski, of ReadWriteWeb, writes about a movement forming in the programming community around the idea of a new standard of literacy: Computer Programming for All: A New Standard of Literacy.

Matthew Murray, of ExtremeTech, has a few doubts, and thinks there needs to be more focus on the basics (imagination, logic, reasoning, and problem solving): Should Kids Learn To Code?

Jeff Atwood (also linked in the RWW article) thinks that you should learn to code for the right reasons, or else focus on more important skills: Please don't learn to code.