Jim G writes:

I'm currently going through your book python for kids. I was wondering what books or other sources you recommend for learning more about python

Well, there are a heap of online tutorials, and dead-tree, printed books to choose from. However, I have an alternate suggestion to further reading.

Once you've learned the basics, why not pick a project? Find something you want to create - whether that's a game, a desktop application, a website or something else - make sure you have the Python documentation bookmarked, and a search engine to hand, and start working on it. You can't beat actually coding for improving your knowledge and ability.

Let's say you decide to write a program to send a message from one computer to another, on your home network. That might lead you to the socket module in the Python modules documentation. Assuming you find that too opaque, you might search for a "python networking tutorial" or perhaps a "simple python socket example" - but either way, the investigation, and putting that information to work in a program of your own will be a much more valuable learning experience than just reading a dry chapter about networking in some resource.