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Booting Raspberry Pi from External USB

05 Feb, 2021

I wanted to boot my Raspberry Pi 4 from an external SSD connected via a USB-to-SATA cable. According to Jeff Geerling's video, it's pretty straightforward using the latest version of the firmware - but try as I might I couldn't get it to start. Tried re-imaging the SSD; also used the SD card copier, to copy the SD contents across to the SSD; but regardless it didn't seem to detect on boot (it was accessible after starting up using the SD, so I knew it probably wasn't a powering issue).

After much muddling around, came across rpi-eeprom-config, and realised that BOOT_ORDER was was set to 0x1 -- according to this page that's SD card mode. Also according to that page, the default is supposed to be 0xf41 (try SD, if not found, try USB). Ran sudo rpi-eeprom-config --edit, changed the value, saved, rebooted and voila, the SSD was bootable, and has been seemlessly working since then.

I'm sure this info has been posted elsewhere, but given I couldn't find it, posting here in case it's of use to someone else.


19 Mar, 2021

I've built a Docker image for running single-node Spark and Hadoop (one worker) on a Raspberry Pi, since I couldn't find anything to experiment with. Certainly not suitable for anything other than experimentation, but the image can be found on Docker hub here:

The "source", such that it is (dockerfile, etc), can be access from radicle via this URN: