Python for Kids

Programming Puzzles

Froghorn Give yourself a challenge and try out the following programming puzzles. If you haven't already, you might want to read the book first. Keep checking back here every few weeks or so. There will be more puzzles to come.

If you're looking for the solutions to the Programming Puzzles in the book, you can download them from here. Click the solved for the solutions to the puzzles below.

Do you have a programming puzzle to add here? If so, get in contact!

Puzzle 8: Erasing (medium)

Puzzle 7: Drawing (medium) solved

Project Suggestion: Lunar Lander (medium - hard) solved

Puzzle 6: Fibonacci (medium - hard) solved

Puzzle 5: Pattern (easy - medium) solved

Puzzle 4: Stickman Elevators (extremely hard) solved

Puzzle 3: Square Spiral (easy - medium) solved

Puzzle 2: Cryptograms (medium - hard) solved

Puzzle 1: Turtle in a Maze (easy - medium) solved