Nothing like a quick search for #deactiday on twitter...

... (search on the birdsite sucks btw) to re-affirm: wow there's a bunch of idiots there, and it was the right decision to deactivate.

So @wilw followed through ( #deactiday ) ...

...boom. Mind blown.

Well I followed thru. :-P #deactiday

This is what a no-deal Brexit actually looks like:

(basically Rees-Mogg, Johnson, and the other hard-liners are idiots of epic proportions)

Regarding this... ... just saw this article from last year: I repeat: idiot of epic proportion.

RT @ProfBrianCox Simple, clear and to the point. A no deal brexit looks disastrous because it is disastrous. In political slogan terms, no-deal brexit means no-deal brexit.

Pygame or App Development using Kivy or XCode:

A question about tkinter update: ...Schroepfer finally apologised: "I am sorry that journalists feel we are attempting to prevent the truth coming out." Erm... isn't that the definition of a non-apology?

I might have disagreed with @TaikaWaititi 20 years ago ( ). But then I saw the explicit (and implicit) racism directed at my wife because she looks Chinese (she's not). And I realised as a white male, I'm playing the game in easy mode...

Oh hell yeah, couldn't agree more with this: … (and my own experience: )

So I totally would have watched more than one series of Downton Abbey if I'd realised the Star Wars connection...

star wars and downton

Trouble with turtles:

Stickman refusing to move:

Restarting the Bounce game (revisited)

Problem with paddle-ball animation:

Multiplying strings:

Apple's Broken Parental Controls: